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RosesRags Cattery

RagDoll Kittens Bred for Lovability 720-366-8137

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We are a small cattery specializing in Breeding Loveable Ragdoll Kitty Babies for Companionship, Show, and Breeding. We Breed Traditional and Mink Seal Point, and Blue Point Ragdoll Kittens, some with Mittens, in Pointed and Bi-Color Patterns.

We Breed Mostly for Personality, to Provide Affectionate Feline Companions for our Clientele Near Denver Colorado and also occasionally across the Continental United States (Shipping Available upon Request).


Prices do vary according to markings, age, and, most importantly......' Purrsonality'.

We recently added a Mink Male to our Cattery, and now have some Mink Kittens.

                  RosesRags is an

HCM Negative Cattery

Beautiful Bundles of Love 

They follow you around from room to room just to be Close to Their Humans.
Hand raised underfoot and socialized with other cats they're Healthy Playful Inquisitive and Cute.
They will Purr Their way Into your Heart because they are also Very Sweet.
Ragdolls, The Cats Without 'Catatude'  :)
For Detailed information on your Kitten of Choice:





Upcoming Litters:




Due Feb 24th  

Some Pictures 
















Link to My WebAlbum  


First Pick of 2 Kittens Together

(after me)

Reserved For Jenny and John 


3rd Pick of Muffin's Litter, after me, and Jenny and John, with 1st pick after me on next Litter as back up should there not be a suitable Kitten in this Litter Reserved For Siobhan


  Next Pick of  This Litter or Happy Angel's Reserved For Suzann R.

 (Mitted Blue Male Desired)



Breeder Female This Litter or Happy Angel's Reserved For Diane H. 






Links to Previous Kittens WebAlbums

 (Her Last Litter, Extremely Sweet Kittens )


Please Click on Kitten Name To See Their Pictures:











Muffin Was Bred With Ollie

                                                             This Time   


Some of Ollie's Last Litter


 Please Click on A Kitten Name

To See Their Pictures: 







Ollie  When He Was A Kitten 

Ollie Kitten  .jpg 



  Muffin Delivered 4 Big Mink Babies


Late Wednesday Night


Vet Tech Confirmed Saturday Morning,

All 4 Are Male






The Kinda Twins



 Link to Web Album for 2 Mink Bi-Color Males 












Nice 'V'



Link to Web Album for Seal Mink Bi Color Male














Link to Web Album for Mitted Seal Mink Male  










 Happy Angel


Due March 28th


2 or 3 Breeder Quality Females Reserved For Rose (me), Prudence, and Diane H.


Next Pick of  Muffin's Litter or Happy Angel's Reserved For Suzann R.

 (Mitted Blue Male Desired)





Bred With Ollie









Link To Happy Angel's Pictures











 Dazel's Litter

Due About April 1st
























Dazel and Ollie's Last Litter






Two Kitties That Need to Re Home Together









Recent Pictures Album Link




Their Human Has Severe Back Pain and Requested My Help To Place Them With Someone Who Can Care For Them.


They Are 2 Years Old, Originally Purchased From Me 2 Years Ago 


 Both Lap Kitties



 "Both cats are fixed and have had their first shots.   The female is a mink and absolutely gorgeous.  The boy (her cousin,  I think) is mostly white with cocoa points.  He is unusually intelligent.  She is unusually affectionate.  The cats love each other 


They are Both Lap Kitties:





 Together Only Please,

 They Have Been Together From Birth



I found their Baby Picture WebAlbums,

Just click on the links below.

They are 2 years old, Both Born in my Home in March of 2013


Female: Vannilla Fudge Baby Pictures WebAlbum 


 This is Velcro's Kitten, so no wonder He is So Affectionate! 

They all have been Exceptionally Affectionate.  :)


 Male:  Pistachio Puddin'  Jazmine's Kitten Mink Bicolor















A Friend's Litter of Kittens 


These will be sold without papers (they are Ragdolls)

 for slightly less than Papered Kittens 


Born Dec 14th

Ready In Mid Feb

All Have Been Reserved


Poppy's Litter









Mitted Seal Point with a Blaze



Mr. 'Personality'


Reserved for  

 Christian Lynn




 My Pictures Link








 Sequin Mitted Seal Point



Loves to 'Talk' 


 Reserved for Sara K.


My Pictures Link 













Seal Point Male




Reserved For Selwan 


My Pictures Link














Seal Point Male




 Reserved For Kaley



My Pictures Link












Seal Point Female


Reserved for Alison and Derek


Extremely Sweet


My Pictures Link









 Cute and Sweet


Prices Between $825 And $850 


All Have Been Reserved




      Call Rose:  720-366-8137






$300 Deposit Holds Your Kitten Until They are
Normally 9 - 11 weeks Old and Ready to Leave Their Very Attentive Mothers.
For Detailed information on your Kitten of Choice:  
 Please email:







Queen Misty

Beautiful Kitty Lady      Our First Ragdoll

   When Misty Was A Kitten 

                    It's Her Dog Now



Misty Needs Special New Home

She will Appreciate the Companionship of a Gentle Large Dog





                         Call Or email Rose

                 @ 720-366-8137







 Our Mink Seal

Bi-color Ragdoll King  






More Baylee Pictures click here



Informitive Link on Mink Ragdolls: